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Adopt Me Trading Values
                                                                  Adopt Me Trading Value

Adopt Me Trading Value: Unlocking the World of Digital Bartering

In today’s digital era, virtual worlds have become increasingly popular, allowing players to immerse themselves in unique experiences. One such world is “Adopt Me,” a game within the popular online gaming platform Roblox. In Adopt Me, players can explore, adopt and raise virtual pets, and engage in various activities.

One fascinating aspect of the game is trading, where players can exchange items and pets to enhance their collections. This article delves into the world of trading in Adopt Me, exploring the value of items, strategies for successful trades, and precautions to ensure a safe trading environment.

Introduction; Adopt Me Trading Value

Adopt Me is a game that offers players the chance to embrace their nurturing instincts by adopting and caring for virtual pets. The game has captured the hearts of millions worldwide, with its vibrant community and ever-expanding world.

Trading has become an integral part of the Adopt Me experience, allowing players to obtain rare items and pets, customize their avatars, and showcase their unique collections. Understanding the trading value in Adopt Me is crucial for players looking to make meaningful exchanges and expand their in-game possessions.

What is Adopt Me trading Values?

Adopt Me is a popular online game developed by Uplift Games on the Roblox platform. It provides players with an interactive and imaginative environment where they can adopt adorable pets, explore captivating locations, and participate in numerous activities. From constructing dream homes to embarking on thrilling adventures, Adopt Me offers a diverse range of experiences that keep players engaged and entertained.

The Concept of Trading in Adopt Me

Trading in Adopt Me revolves around the exchange of virtual items and pets between players. It opens up a world of possibilities, allowing players to obtain highly sought-after pets or acquire unique items to enhance their gameplay. The core concept behind trading in Adopt Me is the idea of bartering, where players negotiate with one another to find mutually beneficial exchanges. This creates a dynamic marketplace within the game, with players constantly seeking rare and valuable items.

The Value of Items in Adopt Me

Rarity and Demand

The value of items in Adopt Me is influenced by a combination of rarity and demand. Some items, such as limited-time pets or exclusive accessories, are incredibly rare and highly sought after by players. The scarcity of these items drives their value upwards, as collectors and enthusiasts strive to obtain them. Additionally, certain items gain popularity due to trends or changing preferences within the game’s community, further increasing their value.

Limited-Time Items

Adopt Me regularly introduces limited-time items, adding an element of excitement and urgency to trading. These items are only available for a specific duration, creating a sense of exclusivity and desirability among players. Limited-time items often have high trading value, as players rush to acquire them before they become unavailable. Understanding the release cycles and trends surrounding these items can provide traders with valuable insights into their potential value.

                                    Adopt Me Trading Value

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events in Adopt Me introduce unique items and pets associated with holidays or special occasions. These limited-edition offerings often have a significant impact on the trading market, with players eagerly collecting and trading them during these periods. Seasonal events provide opportunities for players to amass valuable items, as the demand for them increases due to their limited availability.

Strategies for Trading in Adopt Me Trading Value

Successful trading in Adopt Me requires a strategic approach. Consider the following strategies to maximize your trading endeavors:

Researching Item Values

Knowledge is power when it comes to trading in Adopt Me. Researching the values of items can help you understand their worth in the trading market. Various online communities and forums dedicated to Adopt Me provide resources, guides, and pricing lists that can assist you in gauging item values accurately. Keeping up with the latest trends and staying informed about changes in the game’s economy will give you an edge in negotiations.

Building Relationships with Other Players

Establishing connections and building relationships within the Adopt Me community can significantly enhance your trading experience. Engage in friendly conversations, participate in group activities, and join trading communities to interact with fellow players who share similar interests. Collaborating with trusted traders and maintaining a positive reputation can open doors to more favorable trading opportunities.

Negotiation and Bargaining

Negotiation skills play a crucial role in successful trades. Learning how to effectively communicate your needs and finding mutually beneficial exchanges is key. Be open to compromise and understand that fair trades involve give and take. Polite and respectful communication goes a long way in establishing trust and fostering long-term trading relationships.

Scams and Safety Measures in Trading

While the Adopt Me trading community is vibrant and engaging, it is important to be aware of potential scams and take necessary precautions to protect yourself. Some measures to consider include:

  1. Verify the credibility of the trading party: Check their reputation, trade history, and feedback from other players before engaging in trades.
  2. Utilize in-game trade systems: Use the official in-game trading system provided by Adopt Me to ensure a secure and transparent exchange.
  3. Avoid external trades: Refrain from engaging in trades that require you to leave the game platform or involve real-life currency. These can be potential scams.
  4. Educate yourself about common scams: Stay informed about the various scams prevalent in the trading community to avoid falling victim to them. Awareness is crucial for protection.

Common pet values

All the trade values for the common pets in Roblox Adopt Me! are listed below:

Pet Egg Trading value
Bandicoot Aussie egg 1.5
Buffalo Cracked & Pet egg 2
Cat Cracked & Pet egg 1
Chick Easter egg (2020) ?
Chicken Farm egg 3
Dog Cracked & Pet egg 1
Ground Sloth Fossil egg 1.5
Otter Cracked & Pet egg 2
Pumpkin Halloween (2020 Pumpkin Smash Minigame) ?
Robin Christmas egg 2.5
Stingray Ocean egg 2
Tazmanian Tiger Fossil egg 2

Uncommon pet values

All the trade values for the uncommon pets in Roblox Adopt Me! are listed below:

Pet Egg Trading value (Ranking)
Bat Candy 11th
Black Panther Jungle egg 5th
Blue Dog Blue egg 1st
Capybara Jungle egg 7th
Chocolate Labrador Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg 10th
Dingo Aussie egg 11th
Drake Farm egg 8th
Fennec Fox Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg ?
Glyptodon Fossil egg 13th
Meerkat Safari egg 4th
Pet Rock April Fools Day ?
Pink Cat Pink egg 2nd
Puma Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg ?
Silly Duck Farm egg 6th
Snow Cat Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg 12th
Snowman Winter Holiday Event 2000 Gingerbread
Stegosaurus Fossil egg 13th
Triceratops Fossil egg 13th
Wild Boar Safari egg 3rd
Wolf Christmas egg 9th

Rare pet values

All the trade values for the rare pets in Roblox Adopt Me! are listed below:

Pet Egg Value
Australian Kelpie Aussie Egg 4
Beaver Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg 3
Bunny Jungle egg 7
Cow Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg 2
Dilphosaurus Fossil egg 11
Elephant Safari egg 3
Elf Shrew Christmas egg 13
Emu Aussie egg 5
Hyena Safari egg 9
Lynx Winter Holiday 2020 event – 4000 Gingerbread 4
Monkey Monkey boxes 4
Musk Ox Winter Holiday 2020 event – 3500 Gingerbread 3
Narwhal Ocean egg 3
Ox Lunar New Year 2021 3
Pig Farm egg 6
Polar Christmas egg 5
Pterodactyl Fossil egg 3
Rabbit Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg 3
Rat Rat boxes 3
Reindeer Christmas event 4
Rhino Jungle egg 6
Seahorse Ocean egg 3
Snow Puma Cracked, Pet egg, Royal egg 3
Swan Christmas egg 5
Wooly Mammoth Fossil egg 3

                              Adopt Me Trading Values

Ultra Rare pet values

All the trade values for the ultra-rare pets in Roblox Adopt Me! are listed below:

Pet Trade Value Neon Mega
Abyssinian Cat 0.35 1.50 6.00
Albino Bat 0.95 3.95 15.90
Arctic Fox 1.70 6.80 27.20
Black Panther 1.40 5.60 22.40
Black Scarab 0.30 1.15 4.60
Blue Dog 5.25 21.20 84.80
Blue Scarab 0.30 1.25 5.00
Brown Bear 2.15 8.60 34.40
Business Monkey 0.55 2.25 8.95
Butterfly 0.10 0.45 1.75
Capybara 1.50 6.00 24.00
Chicken 1.30 5.20 20.80
Cow 2.95 11.90 47.50
Crocodile 3.00 12.10 48.40
Dalmation 7.25 29.00 116.00
Drake 1.20 4.80 19.20
Elephant 3.50 14.10 56.40
Evil Dachshund 0.45 0.45 7.80
Flamingo 7.50 30.00 120.15
Frog 0.20 1.00 4.00
Hedgehog 12.75 51.10 173.75
Husky 0.65 2.90 9.60
Hyena 2.90 11.65 46.40
Koala 0.25 1.25 5.00
Lamb 0.50 2.00 8.00
Lion 7.00+ 28.25 113.00
Llama 2.50 9.95 40.00
Meerkat 2.25 9.00 36.00
Pig 1.95 7.80 31.20
Pink Cat 2.75 11.05 44.25
Platypus 2.45 9.75 39.60
Polar Bear 1.60 6.40 25.60
Puffin 1.25 5.00 20.00
Red Squirrel 0.40 1.60 6.40
Reindeer 0.90 3.80 15.20
Rhino 1.90 7.50 30.00
Shrew 2.40 9.60 38.40
Silly Duck 1.35 5.40 21.60
Skele-Dog 0.60 2.60 10.80
Snow Leopard 0.45 1.80 7.20
St. Bernard 0.60 2.80 9.00
Swan 1.55 6.20 24.80
Toy Monkey 0.75 3.00 12.00
Turkey 2.85 11.40 45.65
White Tiger 0.15 0.60 2.50
Wild Board 2.05 8.20 32.80
Wolf 0.20 1.00 4.00
Zombie Buffalo 2.65 10.60 42.40

Legendary pet values

All the trade values for the legendary pets in Roblox Adopt Me! are listed below:

Pet Trade Value Neon Mega
Blue Dog 5.25 21.20 84.80
Hedgehog 12.75 51.10 204.45
Pink Cat 2.75 11.05 44.25
Albino Monkey 5.75 23.50 93.95
Arctic Reindeer 7.75 31.05 124.20
Axolotl 0.65 2.60 9.40
Bat Dragon 116.00+ 348.00 1044.00
Cerberus 0.55 2.25 8.95
Chameleon 16.00 64.25 257.75
Cobra 0.35 1.50 6.00
Crow 16.25 59.25 237.85
Dancing Dragon 3.10 12.40 50.60
Diamond Dragon 1.00+ 4.05 16.20
Diamond Griffin 0.60 2.30 9.10
Diamond Lady Bug 2.00 8.00 32.00
Diamond Unicorn 1.75 7.00 28.00
Dodo 1.30 5.20 20.80
Dragon 0.80 3.20 12.80
Evil Unicorn 17.25 60.65 242.65
Frost Fury 2.60 10.40 41.60
Frost 45.75+ 135.00 405.00
Ghost Dragon 3.30 13.25 9.30
Giraffe 62.00 248.00 744.00
Gold Dragon 0.60 2.35 9.30
Gold Griffin 0.35 1.45 5.70
Gold Mummy Cat 0.40 1.55 6.20
Gold Penguin 1.10 4.40 17.60
Gold Scarab 2.85 11.40 45.65
Gold Tiger 0.35 1.50 6.00
Gold Unicorn 0.85 3.60 14.10
Gold Walrus 0.70 2.80 11.40
Golden Lady Bug 0.85 3.40 13.60
Golden Rat 1.30 5.00 20.00
Goldhorn 1.10 4.50 18.00
Griffin 0.25- 1.20 4.50
Ice Golem 3.20 12.80 51.20
Kangaroo 2.95 11.85 47.20
King Bee 0.95 3.90 15.80
King Monkey 8.75 35.05 140.05
Kitsune 0.45- 1.80 7.20
Lavender Dragon 13.75 55.10 220.45
Lion Guardian 0.70 2.80 11.40
Ninja Monkey 1.25 5.00 20.00
Octopus 1.15 4.60 18.40
Owl 28.50 100.00 350.00
Parrot 20.75 76.75 284.20
Peacock 0.50 2.00 8.00
Phoenix 1.40 5.80 23.20
Queen Bee 2.25 9.00 36.00
Robodog 0.40 1.60 6.40
Shadow Dragon 13.00+ 390.00 1170.00
Shark 1.20 4.80 19.20
Skele Rex 2.50 10.00 40.00
Snow Owl 1.35 5.40 21.60
Squid 15.50 62.25 248.50
Steel Ox 0.15 0.60 2.50
T-Rex 1.40 5.60 22.40
Turtle 3.25+ 13.05 52.25
Unicorn 1.05 4.20 16.80

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Adopt Me! Pet values for April 2023.

The Role of Social Media in Trading

Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Discord, play a significant role in the Adopt Me trading community. They provide spaces for players to connect, share trading experiences, and discover potential trading partners. Joining Adopt Me trading groups or following influential traders on social media can offer insights into current trading trends, valuable tips, and opportunities for trades.

Conclusion | Adopt Me Trading Values

Trading in Adopt Me adds an exciting dimension to the game, allowing players to collect rare items, engage in negotiations, and build connections within the community. Understanding the value of items, adopting effective trading strategies, and staying vigilant against scams are essential for a successful trading experience. By immersing yourself in the dynamic world of Adopt Me trading, you can unlock new opportunities and expand your virtual possessions.

FAQs About Adopt Me Trading Values

1. Can I trade real money for items in Adopt Me trading values?

No, trading real money for in-game items or pets is against the rules of Adopt Me and can lead to penalties or account suspensions.

2. How can I determine the value of an item in Adopt Me trading values?

Researching online pricing guides, participating in Adopt Me trading communities, and staying up to date with the latest trends are effective ways to determine item values.

3. What should I do if I encounter a scammer in Adopt Me?

Report the scammer to the game moderators and provide any evidence you may have. It is important to spread awareness about scams to protect the community.

4. Are there any trading restrictions in Adopt Me?

Yes, Adopt Me imposes certain trading restrictions on newly created accounts to prevent fraudulent activities. These restrictions are gradually lifted as players gain more experience and establish a positive trading history.

5. Can I trade with players from other servers in Adopt Me?

No, trading is limited to players within the same server in Adopt Me. Cross-server trading is not currently supported by the game

6. How do you get rich in Adopt Me?

There are a few ways to get rich in Adopt me:
– Win Trades
– Grind
– Make Neon Pets
– Use Robux


7. How do I get rich by using Robux?

Some pets, vehicles, and other items can be purchased with Robux. Players can purchase Robux using real money. Since many families already have Amazon accounts, we recommend purchasing Roblox Digital Gift Cards via Amazon and then redeeming them in-game.

When you have some Robux available to spend in Adopt Me, we strongly recommend using them mainly to buy Ride Potions and/or Fly Potions. They give you the best bang for the buck as you can easily trade a Ride Potion for a low-tier Legendary pet. For example, a Ride Potion costs 150 Robux. A Kitsune costs 600 Robux.

You can almost always find someone who is willing to trade a Kitsune for a Ride Potion. Accordingly, if you have 600 Robux to spend, buy 4 Ride Potions — you can trade them for 4 Kitsunes. This means you end up with 4 Kitsunes for the price of one!

Important Notes About Values;

Some newer pets are worth more than some older pets. For example, Cow (Rare from Farm Egg) is worth more than Rhino (Rare from Jungle Egg).
– Some non-Legendary pets are worth more than some Legendary pets. For example, Hedgehog (Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019) is worth more than Arctic Reindeer (Legendary from Christmas 2019).

– Some Neon versions of pets are worth less than 4 of the regular version of that pet. For example, Neon Frost Dragon is only worth about 2-3 regular Frost Dragons as of Spring 2022.

– Some Mega Neon versions of pets are worth less than 4 of the Neon versions of that pet. For example, Mega Neon Kangaroo is only worth about 2-3 Neon Kangaroos as of Spring 2022.
– The no-potion versions of older pets (particularly older Legendaries) are usually worth more than the Fly Ride versions of those pets. For example, a no-potion Frost Dragon is worth more than a Fly Ride Frost Dragon. This is because the no-potion versions of many older pets are harder to find.


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